In Chariots of the Dogs, the time-traveling elevator is operated using so-called time cards, which encode the time and place to be traveled to. The intended time cards are printed by the computer in the T.H.E.M. spaceship, but Bosco modified a carbon dater into a "time scanner" that creates time cards compatible with the system. These cards always lead to a birthday of the person being scanned; it's unclear how the year is determined.

Seven time cards seen in-game, all detailed below. The blank card is obtained by reprinting the Soda Poppers card when the ink runs out. There are no time cards for Grandpa Stinky or Pedro. Scanning Mr Featherly gives another blank card.

Person Place Time
Bosco Bosco's store, run by Ms Bosco October 25, 1963
Sam Intergalactic Freelance Police office March 3, 2108
Max Stinky's diner, run by Grandpa Stinky July 10, 1980
Ms Bosco The Oval Office September 17, 1963
Superball The Office September 6, 2008 (during What's new, Beelzebub?)
Soda Poppers Embarrassing Idol set December 21, 2006 (during Situation: Comedy)
blank Singularity at the beginning of the universe. Mr Featherly is present for some reason. Beginning of time

Season Two case file and the secretEdit

Secret time card

Reconstruction of the secret time card unlocking the ultimate secret of

Each Season Two Case File contains a replica of a time card, randomly selected from among the non-blank cards. Two barcodes are contained on the card. The first barcode reads TIMEMARIACHIS.BIZ, a Telltale-hosted site supposedly run by T.H.E.M.. The second barcode varies. As of September 21, 2008, the second barcode can be manually entered at to obtain parts of a picture, differing per time card. The picture fragments from the six time cards combine into a single complete picture, a high quality render of T.H.E.M. in the elevator at the Soul Crushing room (possibly referencing the Chariots of the Dogs finale).

The completed picture depicts another time card in the elevator (hinted to be the blank card). The barcode section of this time card is fully visible, and can be used at for a final reward: entering it leads to a page containing downloads for an acoustic and a "special" version of La Canción De Los Mariachis. This "Versión Especial" is an early demo version performed by Jared Emerson-Johnson.

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