The Toys of Power appeared in The Devil's Playhouse. They enable Max's psychic powers.


The Toys of Power belonged to the elder god Yog-Soggoth. When his grandson, Junior (his real name is impossible to pronounce correctly without enough larynxes), was born, he was given them by Yog-Soggoth to keep himself occupied along with a box in which to keep them. Later, the box was found by Sammun-Mak, who used them to become a pharaoh. Thousands of year later, they were discovered by Sam and Max's great-grandfathers, Sameth and Maximus, who used them to retrieve the Devil's Toybox. Afterward, Monsieur Papierwaite tried to use them to summon Yog-Soggoth from the Dark Dimension. Eventually, he was overthrown and his brain removed to render him powerless. Just before The Penal Zone, Max finds one of the toys, the goggles, and uses them to have a psychic vision of the future. Then, General Skun-ka'pe appeared, on a quest for the toys. Throughout the season, the Toys of Power continued being of great significance to the story. In the end of Beyond the Alley of the Dolls, all toys were destroyed, along with the toybox.


The Eyes of Yog-SoggothEdit

A pair of View-Finder-style opera glases that allow Max to see snippets of the future of people and objects. Grants limited Precognition.

The TelephoneEdit

Allows Max to teleport to any telephone whose number he has memorized. Grants Telephone-based Teleportation

The Playing CardsEdit

Allow Max to read other peoples' minds. Grants Telepathy.


A lump of Silly Putty-like clay that allows Max to transform into objects. Grants Polymorphism.

The Nutri-SpecsEdit

An optional toy, the Nutri-Specs are a pair of 3D-glasses that allow Max to view the nutritional content of people and objects.

The Astral Projector Edit

A projector that allows Sam and Max to transport into other versions of themselves and control their body. Like their grandfathers or the Samulacra. Grants Astral Projection ond limited Possestion

The Can-O'-NutsEdit

Can be squeezed into using psychic powers, can be used both to squeeze through narrow openings and as a hiding place. Grants very limited Polymorphism.

Cthonic DestroyerEdit

See main article.

Charlie Ho-TepEdit

See main article.

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