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The Season Two Case File is a small but clever collection of items related to Telltale's Season 2 episodes. They are stored in a 4 3/4 x 6 1/2 brown envelope (fits perfectly inside a DVD case) with a large black stamp on the front sporting Max's head, the words "SAM & MAX FREELANCE POLICE CASE FILE", and a "APR 12 2008" red time stamp.

Items found inside the envelope include:

The product premiered with the Season 2 DVD and its price is $5.99. Like Season 1's Case File, there is a limited quantity and will be retired in the future.


  • The "The Friendly Demon Song" mini CD (and green Max buttons) were given away at Comic-Con 2008 at the Telltale booth.
  • When all the different the time cards are decoded, a bonus wallpaper can be found online.

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