Sam & Max Nearly Save Christmas cut

Sam & Max Nearly Save Christmas is a 20-minute machinima video produced by Telltale Games to promote Ice Station Santa (and their Sam & Max series in general). The plot largely follows that of Ice Station Santa, though much has been abbreviated or left out.

Differences with Ice Station SantaEdit

See also: Ice Station Santa

The following are the most significant ways in which the plot differs from that of Ice Station Santa.

  • Maimtron 9000 doesn't appear. Instead, Sam and Max get a call from The Commissioner.
  • Flint Paper, the Soda Poppers, Bosco, Sybil, Abe, The Bug and Stinky don't appear.
  • The boxing match is now won by cheating.
  • A commercial for Moai Better Blues is included halfway through the video.
  • The Christmas Present problem is about Jimmy's suicide instead of The Bug.
  • Christmas Yet to Come is "saved" by just a bag of chips.
  • Most importantly: when Santa gets possessed at the end, Sam and Max leave instead of saving Christmas again.


The Commissioner
Santa Claus
The C.O.P.S.
Jimmy Two-Teeth
Shambling Corporate Presence
Spirits of Christmas
Mary Two-Teeth
Timmy Two-Teeth

See AlsoEdit

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External LinksEdit

Sam & Max Nearly Save Christmas at the Telltale video site.

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