Sam and max se

Fishwrap Productions, 1987

A Sam & Max comic series titled Sam & Max: Freelance Police has been started three times under three different publishers, with none of the three making it past the first issue. These are the first commercially published Sam & Max appearances.

The first series started in 1987 with a "special edition" published by Fishwrap Productions. This issue contained Monkeys Violating the Heavenly Temple, Night of the Gilded Heron-Shark, and the Getting Along in the Joint activity page.

The second series started in 1989 with a "special" published by Comico. This issue consisted of On the Road (with related special pages) and Our Bewildering Universe.

The third series started in 1992 and was published by Epic Comics. This issue consisted of Bad Day on the Moon and the Disguise'o'rama activity page. Epic later published the Special Color Collection, featuring full-color reprints (where the originals were all black-and-white) of a number of old Sam & Max comics.

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