Sam & Max Freelance Police Trailer01:32

Sam & Max Freelance Police Trailer

Sam & Max: Freelance Police was the title of the planned sequel to Sam & Max Hit the Road, developed by LucasArts. Like its predecessor, Freelance Police was a Point and Click Adventure Game, but it was also the franchise's first foray into 3D animation. Despite great anticipation among both the Sam & Max fandom and Lucasarts adventure game enthusiasts, Lucasarts announced its cancellation on March 3, 2004 due to "current market place realities and underlying economic considerations".


The cancellation caused considerable uproar among the community and resulted in several petitions, all of which were ignored.

It also caused several of the game's developers to abandon Lucasarts and form their own company; Telltale Games. This got many fans hoping that a new sequel was in the works, a hope that was vindicated when Telltale announced the first season of an episodic video game series featuring the Freelance Police in September 2005, four months after Lucasart's license expired.

A box with the date 03-03-04 (The date of Freelance Police's cancelation) can be found in Sam and Max's office during the first season of the Telltale series. When examining it, Sam describes it as a "particularly gruesome" case. Another reference can be found in the second season episode Moai Better Blues, where one of the things Sam finds in a large lost and found box is a working Beta version of the game.

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