Moai Better Blues
Telltale episode
S2 e2 titlecard
Episode # 202
Villain Mr. Spatula
Musical number Rapa Nui Choo Choo
Release date January 10, 2008 (GameTap), January 11, 2008 (Telltale Shop)
Sam & Max Season Two
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"Ice Station Santa" "Night of the Raving Dead"

Moai Better Blues is the second episode of season two of the Sam & Max video game series by Telltale Games.


On returning home, Sam and Max find Sybil being chased by a big triangular portal. After they put a stop to it, Sybil decides to go through the portal herself and Abe follows suit. Sam and Max quickly go after them, and find themselves on Easter Island. Sybil and Abe are fine and having a nice picnic, but the local Moai Heads have bad news. The local volcano is becoming active again, and unless Sam and Max can put a stop to it it will erupt with disastrous consequences.

After going through a mysterious cave they find out that the ghost of Mr Spatula is behind it all, having established himself as High Priest of a group of Sea Chimps who have a mechanism that controls the volcano. They eventually manage to make Max High Priest instead, but by then they are already too late to prevent the eruption. In the end they use a big portal to redirect it instead. (The diverted lava stream ends up spelling the ultimate doom of the Soda Poppers in What's new, Beelzebub?.) After the credits, the Moai Heads are seen being lifted into the sky by a bright light, which will turn out to be their abduction at the hands of T.H.E.M..


Easter Island


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