Max's Vices only appeared was in Bright Side of the Moon, when Hugh Bliss "separate[d] [Max's] bliss" by cutting of three of his body parts, each part representing a different vice. Materializing around the severed body part, they are physically identical to Max in all but skin color. Mentally, they're mindlessly obsessed with whatever one of Max's likings they represent. Separating the original organ from the rest of the clone destroys them and restores that body part to Max, and thus, the vices are never seen again.

Murderous MaxEdit

Formed out of Max's shooting hand, Murderous Max represents Max's love to shoot stuff. He can be found at the Blister of Tranquility, shooting everything in sight (including Sam, if he gets too close).

Gluttonous MaxEdit

Formed out of Max's stomach, Gluttonous Max represents Max's love to eat junk food, but this fact is stretched for him as he just eats EVERYTHING IN RANGE! even you if you try to talk to him, he is located at Bosco's Inconvenience, eating everything on that rack... over there...
Gluttonous Max

Gluttonous Max

Slothful MaxEdit

Formed out of Max's tail Slothful Max represents Max's more... lazy side... if you try to turn him over it won't work, he is the only one of the vices not to pose any threat (like he even tries).

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