The following is a list of inventory items that appear in the Sam & Max adventure games.

Sam & Max Hit the RoadEdit

Not displayed:

  • Vegetable shaped like John Muir
  • Conroy Bumpus' toupee
  • Sasquatch costume
  • Wine bottle
  • Ice pick
  • Stopper

Telltale episodesEdit

Sam & Max Season OneEdit

Culture ShockEdit

Situation: ComedyEdit

The Mole, the Mob, and the MeatballEdit

Abe Lincoln Must Die!Edit

Reality 2.0Edit

Reality 1.5-only items:

  • Bosco's
  • Rare Foil Trading Card
  • Respect for Living Things

Bright Side of the MoonEdit

Sam & Max Season TwoEdit

Ice Station SantaEdit

(The horse toys are Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse action figures.)

Moai Better BluesEdit

Night of the Raving DeadEdit

Chariots of the DogsEdit

What's new, Beelzebub?Edit

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