War Song 2.07

One of the less silly parts...

Good For You (Good For Me), also known as The War Song, is a song featured in Abe Lincoln Must Die!. It is performed by Agent Superball and a number of Secret Service agents like him in a cutscene immediately after the Dakotas go into civil war. The game is saved automatically just before the song starts. An instrumental-only version is also used for the end credits for that episode.

The War Song was famous for the elaborate absurdistic musical-like cutscene accompanying it, the likes of which would not be seen again until The Mariachi Song.

It is notable for including the opening lyrics from the Edwin Starr song "War(What Is It Good For?)", which held a message opposite of this song.


What's this I hear?

What wonderous thing?

Is this the DEFCON klaxon's ring?

A flashing light...
Above the doooor! There's just one thing it could mean...


Oh, what is it good for? (What is it good for?)
It's good for you, (Good for you!) It's good for me!

Ohh, War!
What is it good for? (What is it good for?) Oh, it strengthens the economy!
It shows the world that we've got stones! (We've got stones!)
And carriers... with fighter drones! (Vo doh dee oh!)

War! Oh, what is it good for? (What is it good for?)
It's good for you it's good for me!

(It's the cat's meow!)

(Vo doh dee oh!)

Heeeere we go!

(Hyah! Woo! Wooo-hoo! Yeah! Ohhh yeah!)

Oh, what is it good for? (What is it good for?)
It's good for you! (Doo waka doo waka doo waka doo waka doo!) It's good for me!

Oh, war! Oh, what is it good for? (What is it good for?)
Ohhh, it strengthens the economy!

A lengthy battle's an incumbent's dream! (Ohhh ohhh ohhh ohhh!)
Because you can't change horses... In mid stream!

For bombs (Boom!)
And guns (Bang!)
And so much more (Napalm!)
We celebrate the joys of war war war!

For bombs and guns, and so much more...
We celebrate the joys of war!


Edited from: (posted by Diduz on 09/29/2007)
The War Song at the Telltale video site.

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