Hit the Road - Bruno

Bruno the Bigfoot is the object of investigation in Sam & Max Hit the Road.

Character DetailEdit

Bruno once tried to catch fish when he fell in the arctic ice floe. Sealed in a block of ice, he became the main attraction of the Kushman Brothers' carnival for a long time.

But one day, Trixie fell in love with him, and convinced local fire breather Flambé to set him free and they run off together. They managed toe other bigfoots around the country before the two of them got captured by Conroy Bumpus the next day and took them to Bumpusville as a supporting band.

Luckily, Sam & Max set them free shortly afterwards. However Bruno and Trixie ran away not wanting to return to the carnival. Bruno is later found in the Savage Jungle Inn.


Bruno stands near the totem poles for the rest of the game and attempts to "help" Sam and Max interpreting them.

Voiced ByEdit

Irwin Keyes

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